Tuesday, January 9, 2007

200 Calories

Here, it provides the good way to "see" the 200 calories worth of food. It seems like "celery" and "Broccoli" are the good ways to fill up your stomach. I have been eating boiled broccoli lately so that is good. Surprisingly, the apples contained more calories than I thought. Same goes with the eggs. Looking at those pictures, what I noticed was...all the foods that I have been enjoying contain so many calories for such a little portion. Shame on me and I need to correct myself from now on!
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Good Website to Visit


This website explained a very good set of seven tips, which would help you lose weight. I dont' know about "without dieting" part, though.

How to stop yourself from unhelthy food

My previous diets have failed many times due to improper eating of food. Yet, this time, I am doing a lot better than my previous attempts.

Here are my tips!

  1. Eat a fruit (tomatoe is good) and drink a cup of water befor the meal.
  2. Keep thinking about your "future" body that you will get by not eating the unhealthy food in front of you.
  3. If you are in the middle of the diet, think about the previous days where you have been doing so well on controlling your appetite. If you did it yesterda, you can do the same things at the moment.
  4. Give yourself some times (about ten minutes) before you start your second meal. After finishing your "clean and healthy" meal, many of you might feel hungry. Yet, do not jump on eating another food or dish. Drink a cup of water. Start talking or read something. Wait ten minutes or so. Then, think again about eating!
  5. Think about all those time you have spent in the gym. For me, running on the treadmill is so hard. For examle, if I run for twenty minutes, I will probably burn about 350 calories, which is equivalent to a can of soda. Why waste your time and sweat by drinking a can of soda? If you had a good work out, keep it up by eating a healthy food. Don't ruin it by the junk foods.
  6. Keep a food journal. I use a very small 3x5 notebook where I write down my foods intake. By writing down, you constantly remind yourself that you need to stay away from the unhealthy foods.

Well, that's it. I hope you guys can benefit from this list. Hey, do you have anything to share? Let me know!

Foods intake for January 8th, 2007 (01082007)


Korean Rice Roll (consists of seaweed, rice, spam, spinach, beef, and some more veggies)
Taste: The Best
Healthy: Okay... I usually eat more than three rolls in one seating. But, this diet consistently forced me to watch on what I am eating. Less than two rolls.

Chicken Terriyaki (No! Bad Choice!)
Taste: Okya
Healthy: No, way tooo sweet!!! I was at the mall with my mom and ended up eating there)

Two boiled eggs, one tomatoe, and 1/2 dish of brocolie with hot sauce
Taste: Okay
Healthy: I was pretty surprised that I felt full after the dinner. Good job to myself!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Post

So, I should say starting tomorrow, I will begin my sixty days of hard core workout!

Stay tuned!